27. 12. 2022

Candy Rules Adelaine hope – agility competitions

24.12. – Birthday dogs Hall
A3 – 3rd place
final – 2nd place

25.12. – border collie festival
agility – 2nd place
jumping – 2nd place
final – 2nd place

Big congrats to Yana Bekeneva!

24. 12. 2022

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2023 for all friends and Adelaine hope family

6. 12. 2022

„B“ litter celebrate 7th B-day!

Kid, Boss, Bols a Dot…
Happy B-day for our litter „B“ from Kiri and Kid! They celebrate 7 years today!

Unfortunately, Black died in September after an accident with a stick 🥺

1. 12. 2022

Family training

We made family training with Dim Adelaine hope.
Thanks for the time together.

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope (Kiri & Don 2021); Great Kiri at Adelaine hope; Dim Adelaine hope (Kiri & Don 2020)

30. 11. 2022

Ernie Adelaine hope

Ernie is free for all heredinary eye defects and unofficially HD B, ED A, OCD +/-

24. 11. 2022

Nessie Adelaine hope

first time with sheep

21. 11. 2022

Scudde trial IV. 2022 – Libušín

20.11.2022 IHT1 – CS
Irish Castlewood Skyfrel – 79p. – 2nd place
Epic Sweep Adelaine hope – RET
judge: J. Tancer

20. 11. 2022


Baby Kid Adelaine hope
Klasse 2 – 1st place!

19. 11. 2022

Qualification competitions 19.11.2022

Ellie Adelaine hope
Race for beginners (D0) – 1st place!

17. 11. 2022

Autumn herding exams – Načešice

Ernie Adelaine hope – excellent
judge: D. Rájová


14. 11. 2022

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope

Sweep underwent an X-ray examination with best results!

OCD free

23. 10. 2022

Club dog show KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope
working class – female
Excellent 2, Res. CAC
handler: Petra Kolegarová
judge: Beata Štýbrová

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel
working class – male
Good 3
handler: Tereza Štursová
judge: Lenka Folget Klímová

17. 10. 2022

Ernie Adelaine hope

Ernie recovered from OCD surgery. He has already returned to agility training. He started his hoopers racing career, where he placed 2x in first place and passed the H0 exam.
He started herding training, so maybe he will show up at some herding event in time.
Thank you very much for the great care.

15. 10. 2022

All puppies are in new homes

We wish you much happiness and happy moments.

11. 10. 2022

New member of our team

Nessie Adelaine hope ISDS is new member of our team and she will live with my parents and Cate.

29. 9. 2022

Elév Cup a BCCCZ Cup 2022

T3 – two runs
Kiri – 8th place (106 points) from 16 competitors

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel passed HWT-CS with 91p./100

Elév Cup – T1
Sky – RET

12. 9. 2022

New video

Sky has new video.

30. 8. 2022

Aderyn z Nefritu

She left forever.
Run free my darling!

21. 8. 2022

We have puppies

20.8.2022 was born our ISDS litter from Sky and Sweep.
Some puppies will be looking new home.

More information here

12. 8. 2022

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel

DNA CEA, TNS, NCL, GG, IGS, SN, MDR1, Raine syndrom – normal
He has a DNA profil

6. 8. 2022

Qualifying trial and herding clinic Pavlínov 2022

Kiri T3 – 64p. – 16th place of 22
Dim Adelaine hope T3 – RET on shed
Cloe Adelaine hope T1 – 43p. – 14th place of 20
Judge: Ryan John Quinn /UK/

Sky was on herding clinic with Ryan John Quinn. Thanks for advice and observations.

13. 7. 2022

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel

Sky underwent an X-ray examination with best results!

OCD free

9. 7. 2022

Cloe Adelaine hope

Cloe passed HWT-CS!

2. 7. 2022

Herding working test

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope passed HWT-CS!

30. 6. 2022

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel

Sky was registered in The Kennel Club and FCI (ČMKU)!

23. 6. 2022

Aderyn z Nefritu

Rína was diagnosed lymph node cancer.

15. 6. 2022

Examination of hereditary eye defects

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope and Irish Castlewood Skyfrel are free fro all heredinary eye defects!

14. 6. 2022

litter „E“

Sweep and litter „E“ celebrated first B-day

13. 6. 2022

Aderyn z Nefritu

Rína underwent splenectomy. She is fine.

9. 6. 2022

Castlewood Skyfrel

Sky celebrated first B-day!

24. 5. 2022

Baby Kid Adelaine hope

Kid was tested DNA by Wisdompanel. She is clear for all!

Congratulation and thank you Stephanie Richter!

18. 5. 2022

Candy Rules Adelaine hope

Ru won dogdancing competition. Congrats!

14. 5. 2022

Aderyn z Nefritu

Rína celebrated her twelfth birthday!

Good health and many miles running!

4. 5. 2022

Aderyn z Nefritu

Rína was in the Canine centrum Hradec Králové.

Thank you to my parents for best care for her.

15. 4. 2022

Happy Easter!

Velikonoèní focení 2022

9. 4. 2022

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope

Sweep passed exam NHAT (Natural Herding Aptitude Test) evaluated excellently.

Judge: Petra Čapková


Herding clinic with Erik Holmgaard /DK/

We was on herding clinic with Erik Holmgaard from Denmark. We was with Sweep and Sky. This was first time at new field for both. Thanks Erik for all advice.


Ernie Adelaine hope

Ernie underwent surgery OCD.


Great Kiri at Adelaine hope

Kiri celebrated her eighth birthday!

All best for our best dog!

15. 2. 2022

New photo of litter „E“

Ernie, Elite Uno, Ellie, Epic Sweep and Energy.

13. 2. 2022

Ellie Adelaine hope

Ellie passed exam NHAT. Congrats!

12. 2. 2022

Ernie Adelaine hope

Ernie is OCD affected.

Litter „D“

Dim and Dream celebrated second birthday!

Happy B-day!

14. 1. 2022

New photos of our dogs by Veronika Tvrdá

Many thanks for great work!

3. 1 .2022

Litter „C“

Ru, Kytka, Cap a Cate celebrated fourth birthday!

Happy B-day!

14. 12. 2021

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