22. 12. 2023

PF 2024

22. 11. 2023

Planned litter for 2024

more information here

16. 11. 2023

Nessie has new photos

from agility and herding. All are on her website here.

8. 11. 2023

Elite Uno AH

Pumpkin Spice Rally Obedience Verseny – RO3 – 86 points – 3rd place!
Big congrats for owners.

1. 11. 2023

Sky has updated handout

31. 10. 2023

LTV results

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel – LTV 0
Epic Sweep Adelaine hope – LTV 0

26. 10. 2023

Trial o Puchar Pasterskiego Poznania – T2

Judge: Jakub Pronkiewicz

Sky – 5th place (4th place + 8th place)
Sweep – 10th place (8th place + RET for training)

16. 10. 2023

Herding Exams Praha – IHT2-CS

Judge: Jana Bojková

Saturday 14.10.2023
Irish Castlewood Skyfrel – 5th place from 11 (67 points)
Epic Sweep Adelaine hope – 7th place from 11 (39 points)

Sunday 15.10.2023
Epic Sweep Adelaine hope – 3rd place from 10 (69 points)
Irish Castlewood Skyfrel – 5th place from 11 (64 points)

4. 10. 2023

FCI Czech national championship, BCCCZ Cup and herding clinic with Allistair Lyttle

Hard four sheep herding days…
Inspirative Thursday as Allistair’s judging secretary.
I was trialing with Sweep and Sky in class two on Sunday. It wasn’t our day. Runs with some bad luck and with my handling mistakes and panic in shed 🙈 Sweep finished with time in sheding ring and Sky bit at the same part 🤦‍♀️
Sweep had 44 points and finished on 9th place from 18 starters.
Monday and Tuesday we was on clinic with Allistair.

Thank you Allistair for your time and many tips, your great approach and good mood. Nice to meet you and I hope to see you soon. 🙂
Thanks Daniela and her team for organization! It was nice time! 🤩
Many thanks to my family for their patience with me and my big hobby 😍

3. 10. 2023

Rally obedience National Hungarian championship

Elite Uno Adelaine hope (#KirixDon)
Rally obedience National Hungarian championship and his first start in class 3
3rd place and 87/100 points!
Big congrats for Tamás Neisz!

14. 9. 2023

Nessie Adelaine hope

hereditary eye defects – clear (MVDr. Beránek)
HD A, ED A, OCD free (MVDr. Ekr)

11. 9. 2023

News photos Sky’s puppies

News photos Sky’s puppies from kennel vom Dänischen Wohld in Germany
Norik, Tyronn and Teegan 💚💜🤍

8. 9. 2023

Elite Uno Adelaine hope

OCD free
Big congrats for owners!

22. 8. 2023

Candy Rules Adelaine hope

First performance with our new dance – 16. 7. 2023
HTM-2 class, 24.4 points, 1 place
Congrats Yana Bekeneva😍

20. 8. 2023

Nessie celebrated 1st B-day

Congrats Nessie and the whole litter from Sweep and Sky for 1st B-day!

15. 8. 2023

Trial Karkonoski 2023 – Jelenia Góra

Judge: Michał Piela

Nice field, super sheep, very hot weather and blind outrun on Sunday.

Sweep – 1st place

7. 8. 2023

Elite Uno Adelaine hope

Won 1st place on Rally obedience competiton – RO-2 95points form 100!
Congrats Tamás Neisz!

7. 8. 2023

Budišov nad Budišovkou T2 – 5.-6.8.2023

Realy hard trial – wind, rain, hard sheep.
Judge: Miroslav Koško

Sky’s run was slow but perfect and precise. He finished on pen to TIME. He was the best T2 dog of saturday!
Sweep got very hard sheep. She failed on feth. She didn’t get the sheep from post. I had to help her to fetch.

Sky – 1st plapce
Sweep – RET

Sweep used the experience from saturday. She finnised after second drive gate to TIME. She was taking points only for OLF but full 50 points!
Sky had realy hard group of sheep. One sheep was turning whole fetch. Just like Sweep took points only from OLF.

Sky – 5th place
Sweep – 3rd place

In the sum of the total results from 11 teams in class two:
Sky – 3rd place
Sweep – 7th place

1. 7. 2023

T2 Pavlínov – 1.7.2023

Our first start in class two!

Sky – 2nd place (both run TIME on pen – second run 47 points on OLF)
Sweep – 5th place (first run TIME on pen, second run RET)

Judge: Jakub Jaša

Thanks Jakub and Lucie for nice „family“ trial on nice filed and good sheep.

25. 6. 2023

IHT1 Podkost – 24.6.2023

Our last start in class 1.

Irish Caslewood Skyfrel „Sky“ – 3rd place from 11 teams (86 points)
Epic Sweep Adelaine hope „Sweep“ – 4th place (84 points, pity for the sheep pushed out of the drive gate)

Judge: Miroslav Koško

Thanks all for the great company and Michaela Pečová for the organization 😉😉

19. 6. 2023

IHT1 Horní Bukovsko – 17.6.2023

1st place – Irish Castlewood Skyfrel (100/100 points)
3rd place – Epic Sweep Adelaine hope (88/100 points)

Thanks for a race and atmosphere 🤩

19. 6. 2023

New photos from vom Dänischen Wohld

14. 6. 2023

Sky and Sweep celeberated 2nd B-day

13. 6. 2023

Kennel meeting

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope (Kiri & Don), Nessie Adelaine hope (Sweep & Sky), Irish Castlewood Skyfrel, Cate Adelaine hope (Kiri & Ben), Great Kiri at Adelaine hope, Baby Kid Adelaine hope (Kiri & Kid), Barča Adelaine hope (Sweep & Sky), Ernie Adelaine hope (Kiri & Don), Dasty, Fík Adelaine hope (Sweep & Sky)

Litter „B“ from Kiri and Kid
Kiri and Baby Kid

Litter „E“ from Kiri and Don
Ernie, Kiri and Sweep

ISDS litter from Sweep and Sky
Barča, Nessie, Sweep, Sky, Fíky

Thanks for all who arrived to meeting!

3. 6. 2023

Elite Uno Adelaine hope

RO 1 – 97/100 points
He met the conditions for transfer to RO-2

Congratulation for him and his owners!

1. 6. 2023

Amazing Zoey Adelaine hope celebrated 9th B-day!

26. 5. 2023

Sky’s offspring – vom Dänischen Wohld

Seven tricolor moles were born after Sky – 2 girls and 5 boys 😍
Congratulations to breeder Andrea Husmann
More information here

25. 5. 2023

Baby Kid Adelaine hope

Hoopers class 2
1st run – 4st place
2nd run – 2nd place
TOTAL 2nd place!
Jubiläums Challance for all class – 4st place

Thank you and congrats Stephanie Richter!

1. 5. 2023

New videos from training

30. 4. 2023

Club show KCHMPP – Mladá Boleslav

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel

Judge: Nagode Tadej (SLO)
Working class
Score – Very good

Judge: Ladislav Kukla

23. 4. 2023

Jackpot – Rally obedience Versenyen (HU)

Elite Uno Adelaine hope
RO – kezdö
1st place (98/100 points)

Congratulation for him and his owners!

16. 4. 2023

Herding exams Praha – Pitkovice

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope – IH1-CS
2nd place (87 points)

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel – IH1-CS
4th place (84 points, OLF 47)

Judge: Daniela Rájová

12. 4. 2023

Wielkanocny Trial 8. – 9. 4. 2023

judge: Jakub Pronkiewicz

Kiri – open
Saturday – 4th place
Sunday – dis
Total – 8th place

Sky – T1
Saturday – 3rd place
Sunday – 2nd place
Total – 3rd place

Sweep – T1
Saturday – 2nd place
Sunday – 3rd place
Total – 2nd place

Another great trip full of experiences.
Kiri started in open calss. Sky and Sweep started in class 1. So the first and probably the last trial where I started with my all dogs 🫣 field again full of challenges, especially the one for the open class.

Thank you Jakub Pronkiewicz for judging and Pasterski Poznań for nice trial!
Special thanks Adam Dudziak and As I see itt – Fotografia zwierząt for photos.

26. 3. 2023


Best dog BCCCZ 2022 – herding
Irish Castlewood Skyfrel – 3rd place

Best bitch BCCCZ 2022 – herding
Great Kiri at Adelaine hope – 5th place
Epic Sweep Adelaine hope – 6th place

5. 3. 2023

Sweep is FCI breeding bitch

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope (Kiri&Don) is ISDS and from today FCI breeding bitch!

HD A, ED A, OCD free
PRA, CEA, cat., glaucom – free
DNA CEA, TNS, NCL, GG, IGS, SN, MDR1, RS, EOD and other MDD panel clear
DNA profil available
Exc.2, r.CAC

2. 3. 2023

New photos

26. 2. 2023

Saturday herd marathon

We enjoyed snow, rain, wind and sunshine…

Scude trial Libušín – IHT1

1st place – 94 points
3rd place – 92 points
judge: S. Sochorová
➡️Both fulfilled the criteria for move to IHT2

This was followed by a quick move to the clinic with Tereza Leciánová. Many thanks for the valuable advice, tips and ideas.
We visited Michaela Pečová subsequently. Thank you for arranging the sheep and the opportunity to try the new farm and sheep.
Many thanks to everyone we met for the great company. I was happy to see you all, with Sweep’s brother Dim in the lead 😁

24. 2. 2023

Kiri celebrated 9th B-day

21. 2. 2023

Litter Sweep x Sky in 6 months

Barča, Fík and Nessie

20. 2. 2023

Tłusty trial o wuchtę pączków – 18. – 19. 2. 2023

Judge: Basia Kaczmarczyk

Irish Castlewood Skyfrel
Saturday – 76 points (2nd place)
Sunday – DISK
Overall – 5th place, best drive

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope
Saturday – 48 points (4th place)
Sunday – 62 points (4th place)
Overall – 3rd place

Nice trial at a beautiful place nearly Poznań. Thank you Pasterski Poznań for a great trial, with absolutely precise organization!

15. 2. 2023

Cate Adelaine hope

Cate was castrated.

26. 1. 2023

Sweep’s new training video

18. 1. 2023

3rd B-day for litter „D“ Adelaine hope

Happy B-day for Dim and Dream.

16. 1. 2023

My Dog DNA panel

Epic Sweep Adelaine hope – the whole MDD panel including EOD clear

3. 1. 2023

5th B-day for litter „C“ Adelaine hope

Happy B-day for Cap, Cloe, Cate and Ru!

Happy new year 2023

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