FCI „A“ Adelaine hope – Rína & Cash

date of birth: 1. 6. 2014

Amazing Zoey of „ZOEY“

tricolor – medium coat

FCI reg.: CMKU/BOC/7551/14/16

living in Czech Republic

HD C, ED A, OCD free
PRA, CEA, glaucom free (MVDr. Beránek – 2015)
BAER test – normal
DNA CEA, CL, MDR1, IGS normal
DNA TNS –  carrier
diagnosed congenital heart defect


baby class – P 3, VP 2, VP, P
young class – VG 4, VG
intermediate class – Ex, VG

Coursing club championship KCHBC – training class BOC – 1st place
Coursing club championship BCCCZ – training young class BOC – 1st place

Aderyn z Nefritu

HD C/B, ED A, OCD free
PRA, CEA, glaucom free
DNA CEA, TNS – carrier
DNA NCL, MDR1 – normal

LA1, ZVOP, MD1, F1, DwD1, HtM1, canistherapy dog, coursing license, tituls: MoD1, CWC

Cash Lusika

PRA, CEA, glaucom free
DNA CEA, TNS, NCL, MDR1 – normal

LA1, LA2, ZVOP, ZZO, ZOP, BH, ZPU 1, OB-Z, canistherapy dog, coursing license