About us

We are members of FCI and ISDS. We have a registered kennel „Adelaine hope“ for FCI. We also have a registered prefix with the same name for ISDS.

FCI certificate

ISDS certificate

Our kennel is engaged in breeding Border Collies. Our goal is to breed healthy individuals with natural instincts, yet balanced individuals which will be a good partners for their handlers.

Our puppies will go to their new homes with:

– valid vaccination
– microchip and passport
– original of their pedigree
– commercial agreement
– starting set (food sample, toy, etc.)
– puppies will be well socialized in various environments (house, farm, senior house, children, other dogs, etc.)

Naturally, we provide a breeding service and pernament contact.

We hold a kennel meeting

Kennel meeting 2017 – Křivice
Kennel meeting 2016 – Rudník