Planned litter – Cate & Sky

Planned ISDS litter 2022

only for sports and work

Cate Adelaine hope


sir: Irish Ben ISDS 00/341760 Knockmaa Jake ISDS 00/320281 x Mist ISDS 00/319624
dam: Great Kiri at Adelaine hope ISDS 00/332217 Roy ISDS 00/313637 x Canen Jill ISDS 00/302859


HD A, ED A, OCD free
PRA, CEA, cat. and glaucom – free
DNA CEA, TNS, NCL, IGS – normal


Castlewood Skyfrel


sir: Bill ISDS 00/369549 Caefelin Clem ISDS 00/344067 x Mel ISDS 00/353789 (by Ross Games Roy 00/309624) 
dam: Jess ISDS 00/357486 James McCloskey’s Sweep ISDS 00/299898 x Flo ISDS 00/326054 (by James McGee’s Seth 00/309926)

imported from Ireland

PRA, CEA, cat. and glaucom – free